Our search and qualification process is retained on an exclusive basis by our client companies, and accordingly, there is no fee charged to placed candidates.  Our efforts are governed by our client company's search assignments, which are both industry and position specific.  We do not "market" candidates, nor is our service a good vehicle for candidates wishing to make a career transition to a different kind of position, or industry, or to start a career from college.  Generally, our clients are looking for matching backgrounds with a minimum track record of five years.

Resumes are indexed for a variety of skills and accomplishments as well as positions and industries.  Candidates are given consideration each time a new search assignment is entered through an electronic search engine.  Although we can never predict if or when a resume match may occur, candidates are contacted immediately following a match of criterion.  Resumes are held in our office in strict confidentiality, and are never sent out without your knowledge and permission.

When a probable skill-set/background match is made, there is considerable due diligence to assess various qualification issues, to ensure compatibility, with respect to the technical and managerial requirements of the position, as well as the cultural or "chemistry" fit with management and peers.  As this process develops, qualified candidates find Executive Search Group a strategic partner, in the assessment of a new career opportunity.

To put your resume on file please email candidate@searchgroup.net

  1. As a "Word" or "WordPerfect" attachment or "cut and paste" it into the text of the email.
  2. Indicate if you're open to relocation from your present area and state preferences.
  3. List the minimum annual income at which we should initiate a call to you (so we don't bother you with something you couldn't financially consider - this will not limit the upper end of opportunities).
  4. If you send a cover letter or wish to provide additional information, please do so as a first page to your resume, and not as a separate attachment.